Frequently Asked Questions

If you dont find the answer to your question, please Contact Us.

How do i download your games?

To download any of our games, click on the title of the game and you will be taken to the game page. In the top right corner, there is a youtube and a download button. Click download and the process starts.

The download is taking a while, can i get a hard copy?

Some of our games are very big. This can take a very long time to download on slower internet speeds. Right now we do not currently offer a hard copy but we are working on making this available as soon as possible.

​We are currently looking into ways to make this possible for our visitors for the lowest possible price.

Is it complicated to set up the games?

We do all of our downloads through google drive so that it is as safe as possible for our visitors. We have set it up so you just need to download, install and then run the game and play. We like to keep it simple. We have a Youtube Channel so check it out and see how we set up the games after download if you have any issues.

My game keeps crashing, why?

Some of our games require good computer speeds, especially the newer ones. We always recommend you to run the game as an admin but if youre still having any issues and we will try and help as soon as possible. Visit our contact page, message us or leave a comment on YouTube and we will reply ASAP.


Can i recommend a game?

Yes, of course. We love recommendations. If you would like to recommend a game, please do it via the YouTube channel on any one of the videos. We prefer to keep the contact box on the site open to other questions so we can reply to people quicker.


Will you possibly do console games?

We do mainly PC games as these are a lot easier to crack. App games too are quite easy depending on the game. Console games are not easy and the only thing we can do about this is provide emulators which we hope to do in the future.


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