In App Purchases Free

Please note this is for android only and this doesn't work with online games.

Ever wanted to get free purchases in games to get past the annoying levels you're stuck on? Here i will show you how its done. Before you start i would like to say that this does not work on all games. But it does work on some popular games such as cooking fever, which i will use as the example. If you'd prefer to watch us do it and copy along with us, just hit the YouTube button above to do so.
The first step will be to download an app called Lucky Patcher. This app is what will enable you to have free purchases, as well as remove ads by modifying the app. Lucky Patcher will work for you even if your device is not rooted. Although there are more options and it works on more apps, for rooted devices. Click the download picture or download button above to download the Lucky Patcher App.
2. Once you have downloaded and installed Lucky Patcher you will need to open it.
3. Then find and click the app you want to try with free purchases.
4. Then "Open Menu Of Patches" and accept to create a modified APK file.
5. Then choose the 3rd option "App rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation"
6. Make sure the top 2 options. (Sometimes if this doesnt work, just choose the top option)
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