Hitman 2 Blood Money

9/10 Steam           8/10 IGN         82% Metacritic

Hitman Blood Money.jpg

Min System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP (Windows 95/98/ME/NT Not Supported)

  • Pentium 4 1.5Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent

  • 512MB RAM

  • 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible video card which supports Hardware TnL and Pixel Shader 2.0 (GeForce FX / Radeon 9500 or higher)

  • 100% DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card

  • 5.0GB free disk space

  • 100% Windows 2000/XP compatible Mouse and Keyboard (Gamepads and controller are not supported)

Game Info

Money Talks. Silence Pays. Prepare to Make a Killing. When assassins from Agent 47's contract agency, The ICA, are eliminated in a series of hits, it seems a larger, more powerful agency has entered the fray. Sensing he may be a target, 47 travels to America, and prepares to make a killing.

  • 'Blood Money' system: the cleaner the 'hit' the more money you receive which can be spent on bribing witnesses and police to reduce your notoriety, weapon customisation, specialist equipment and information.

  • Customisable weapons: modify Agent 47's custom weapons in a variety of ways including sound, recoil, rate of fire, damage, reload speed, accuracy and zoom.

  • Strong narrative: who is wiping out the ICA and what is their motivation?

  • New engine: the world of the assassin has never been so interactive or looked so good!

  • New gameplay techniques: including disarm, distraction, accidents, body disposal, human shield and decoy weapons.

  • New control and camera system: Agent 47 now moves independently of the camera.

  • New moves: Agent 47 can now climb, hide, scale ledges and automatically pass low obstacles.



How to Download and Install Hitman Blood Money

  1. Always make sure your PC meets requirements listed above.

  2. Click the Download button below (or in the top right corner). Make sure to download without antivirus and firewall. These can delete files they cant read and this will cause the games to not work!

  3. On the Media Fire page click the blue button to download.

  4. Once download is completed, use either 7zip or WinRAR to unzip by right clicking and extracting files to 'Hitman Blood Money' folder. Or drag the 'Hitman Blood Money' folder inside the zip to desktop to start the unzipping process.

  5. This game is pre-installed so once the file has finished unzipping, launch the application from the 'Hitman Blood Money' folder to play.

  6. Always run the game as an administrator to avoid any save and crash issues.

  7. Watch our Youtube video to watch us do it if you need help.