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Spider-Man The Movie Game

7.5/10 GameSpot          8/10 IGN         75% Metacritic

Min System Requirements

  • OS Required - Microsoft Windows 98 +

  • Processor Type - Pentium III

  • Min RAM Size - 128 MB

  • HD Space - 1GB

Game Info

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) develops super-spider powers after being bitten by a genetically altered spider. The game opens with an optional tutorial, narrated by Bruce Campbell, where Peter learns to use his powers and the player learns the controls of the game and how to read the HUD. After competing in a wrestling match as Spider-Man, Peter is cheated out of his prize money by the fight promoter. After the fight promoter is robbed by a thief, Peter lets the thief go out of spite. Later, Peter is devastated when his Uncle Ben is killed by the leader of the Skulls gang. Peter uses his new powers to track down and defeat the murderer and learns it is the same thief he let go at the fight promoter's office; the thief then dies by accidentally slipping out of a window. Peter vows to use his powers to fight evil in Manhattan. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) and OsCorp are investigating the appearance of this new hero. Anxious to develop his Human Performance Enhancer "Super Soldier" serum, the main goals of which are already exhibited by the super-hero, Osborn sends hunter-killer robots to capture Spider-Man, but he destroys them.

No Steam Review

                                  How To Play

Make sure to download without antivirus and firewall. These can delete files they cant read and this will cause the games to not work!

Always make sure your PC meets requirements.

Download, Unzip, Run Setup and Play.

Watch our Youtube video to watch us do it if you need help.

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