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Tony Hawks Underground

8.9/10 Gamespot           9.2/10 IGN         90% Metacritic

Tony Hawks Underground.jpg

Min System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

  • CPU: 800 MHz

  • RAM (memory): 256 Mb

  • HDD: 2.5 Gb free space

  • Videocard: 32 Mb memory

Game Info

Like its predecessors in the Tony Hawk's series, Underground is centered on skateboarding in a series of levels. The player performs tricks via combinations of analog stick and button inputs. For example, the player initiates an ollie (a jump trick) by holding and releasing the jump button. During an ollie, the player may change the position of the analog stick and press one of two buttons to perform either a flip trick (such as an impossible or kickflip) or a grab trick (such as a benihana or nosegrab). The player can grind on certain edges and rails; different tricks may be performed during a grind based on the position of the analog stick. On quarter pipes, the player may execute lip tricks. While skating on flat surfaces, the player may manual in multiple ways via button combinations. Miscellaneous tricks include acid drops and wall-rides.

While a grind, lip, or manual trick is underway, a balance meter appears: unless the player prevents this meter from falling to the left or right, the character will bail and need a few seconds to recover. Bailing can also be caused by falling without one's board facing downward. Completing tricks in succession without bailing is called a combo. Comboing raises the player's score and fills up the Special Meter; when it is full, the player is granted access to more elaborate tricks worth more points, such as the McTwist and 540 Flip. Underground introduces the ability to dismount one's skateboard, which allows the player to explore levels more carefully and reach new areas. Each level features at least one vehicle, usually a car, that the player can drive.


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How to Download and Install Tony Hawks Underground

  1. Always make sure your PC meets requirements listed above.

  2. Click the Download button below (or in the top right corner). Make sure to download without antivirus and firewall. These can delete files they cant read and this will cause the games to not work!

  3. On the MediaFire page click the blue button to download.

  4. Once download is completed, use either 7zip or WinRAR to unzip by right clicking and extracting files to 'Tony Hawks Underground' folder. Or drag the 'Tony Hawks Underground' folder inside the zip to desktop to start the unzipping process.

  5. This game is pre-installed so once the file has finished unzipping, launch the application from the 'Tony Hawks Underground' folder to play.

  6. Always run the game as an administrator to avoid any save and crash issues.

  7. Watch our Youtube video to watch us do it if you need help.

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